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Sold to Rick in North Dakota - Fitzgerald
    Rick,   February 2011
He is a Teddy Bear!  What a treat!

Sold to Stacey, Topeka Kansas
Atlas SOLD,  2009
"Love the temperament and the service from the staff was honest and first rate!"
-Keenan,   November 2010
Bravolte - Sold to Julie
Can't stop thinking about him!
I just LOVE his temperament!
July, 2010

Rider, Pernille, is happy to have made friends with this exciting young mare, Brauna by Braveheart out of Lou Lou Bell.  Bred by Angel Robson of October Farm in Aldergrove, BC.
"Amazing athlete, super intelligent.  We love him!"
       - Sally
Jumper talent to carry the rider to the TOP!!
Such a fun ride!
- Sold May, 2010
Bravario by Braveheart Sold to Lisa - WA, USA